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    2015 750ml[Full]

    8,000 Yen (8,800 Yen (Tax included))

    80 Points!

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    2013 750ml[Full]

    8,000 Yen (8,800 Yen (Tax included))

    WS 92

    80 Points!

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    2012 750ml[Full]

    8,000 Yen (8,800 Yen (Tax included))

    WA 91WS 91

    80 Points!

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The greatest ever - 2007 vintage - of superb “BOCCA DI LUPO”,
earned the moniker of Southern Barolo. One of the top-ranked Apulian wines, the fruit of efforts by the great Antinori!

Antinori is a prestigious wine producer in Florence, Tuscany, continuing since the 14th century along with the history of wines.

On May 19th, 1385, Giovanni di Piero Antinori joins the Winemakers Guild of Florence. The guild was established with the purpose of passing on the family-run winemaking style as well as its value and tradition, to the next generations. The family philosophy has been given to Antinori since then by Piero Antinori - the 26th generation, current owner and his three daughters. Their flagship wines, Tignanello and Solaia, are well known as the pioneer of Super Tuscan which has changed the history of Italian wine industries.

In 1998, Tormaresca started by purchasing the lands in Apulia that had a huge potential to produce great wines. Piero Antinori, the owner of Antinori, proudly speaks of the charm of Apulia as, “I felt a strong potential for its terroir, including the sun, soils, lands, climate, blessing, history, culture, and foods. There are various grape varietals growing in this land, and so we are accordingly given the opportunities to challenge for each variety hand in hand. These indigenous varietals such as Primitivo, Negroamaro, and Aglianico have a great possibility to create the finest quality wines.”

Under the belief of making up the top quality, elegant wines in Apulia, Tormaresca has been producing enticing wines made from indigenous varietals for a long time, by adopting the winemaking skills and experiences that were brought from Umbrian products of Antinori.

The winery has two different types of estates, one is called Bocca di Lupo - which is conducting the biological cultivation situated in the inland with volcanic soils, and the another is called Masseria Maime - which is conducting the traditional method of “Alberello” situated along the coast of the Adriatic Sea with clayey soils.

The wine is sourced from the grapes of Bocca Di Lupo estate, located in inland neighboring Bari - the capital city of the Apulia region. The estate sites consist of the volcanic soils with limestone and sand, close to dormant volcanoes. All grapes are organically grown and harvested by hand with the manual selection of the grapes, focusing on the cultivation of the Aglianico variety which is very compatible with the volcanic soils.

Intense red in color, the Bocca Di Lupo boasts rich red fruit aromas, with hints of vanilla and spicy white pepper note. Soft tannins gradually prevail on the palate in the course of time.Bocca Di Lupo precisely represents the philosophy of Antinori – Creating the top quality elegant wines all the time. We proudly present you this special 2007 vintage, considered as the greatest year ever!

Grape variety: 100% Aglianico Drinking: now - 2017 Awards: 91 Parker Points in the Wine Advocate magazine, The highest rating of five stars for the Duemilavini in 2011, and the Two Glasses for the Vini d'Italia in 2011.


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