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Privacy Policy

When you shop at ENOTECA Online, we require you to provide us your "Personal Information" necessary to process your order. Your personal information includes name, address, phone number, email address etc.
We will handle your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy we developed pursuant to the Act on Protection of Personal Information. This privacy policy is an agreement with our customers, regarding the use of "Personal Information".
We respect privacy of our customers and make every effort to ensure that personal information is securely handled and stored. In order to provide better services, we may review the contents of this privacy policy as and when necessary.

Use of "Personal Information"
Your personal information is used only for the purpose of arranging delivery and billing, confirming orders and delivery methods, informing new services and valuable special offers, improving our services, answering requests and questions, and the other purposes necessary to process your transactions.
If we need to use your personal information for the purpose other than the ones described above, we will specify the purpose and ask for your agreement beforehand. Also, we may use your credit card numbers and/or bank account information to check the payment status.

Security Management of Personal Information
Customer information kept in our system can only be accessed by limited number of authorized ENOTECA personnel, and such access is controlled by IDs and passwords. We are paying the highest attention to the security of those IDs and passwords from possible loss or leak.

Disclosure of personal information
We do not disclose, release or give your personal information to any third party for any reasons except:

--When our entrusted business partners or group companies need your information to process your order

--When customers agreed to disclose the information

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information without your consent in the following cases as provided by the Act on Protection of Personal Information:
When court orders or public law enforcement require us to disclose your information for legal process,
When public law has special clause exempting us from the requirement,
When there is a risk of harming to life, body or to property, but we are unable to reach customers to receive consent for disclosure.
When we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding or legal process held against our service.

If a customer requests us to release her/his personal information, we will release it only when we can identify the requesting person is truly the subject person of such personal information.

Please send us a copy of your ID such as Passport or Driver's License.
Only when we can identify the requesting person, we will release customer information as requested.

By receiving cookies from our website, the customers are kept logged in to our site, thereby saving time while visiting our site.
A cookie is not used to infringe your privacy. It can identify your PC, but cannot identify individual users unless users purposely provide their detailed personal information.
If a user rejects the cookie, she/he can still browse our site, but the user experience might be slightly affected.

About SSL
Our site uses "SSL (Secure Socket Layer)" to protect customers' personal information. SSL is a technology to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it.
If you use web browsers with a security features enabled, information you enter, such as name, address or phone numbers, is automatically encoded for data transmission.
Even when the data is intercepted by an unknown third party, the data cannot be decoded.
If your web browser does not support "SSL", you may have a trouble accessing our website or experience difficulty in entering information.

Data security at entrusted business partners
When we entrust our business partners to process your order, we will stipulate a contract to make sure they do not leak, release or re-use your personal information and they maintain the security of the information they handle.

Correcting personal information
Please contact us if there is any change you need to make on your personal information.
We will promptly make changes as requested.

If you have any question on your personal information that we have, please contact the following E-Mail.
ENOTECA ONLINE: Mail_order@enoteca.co.jp

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