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2013  750ml[Full]
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Beloved “Bodega Clos Mont-Blanc” in Catalunya –
the leading producer of the modern Spanish wine,
who is now focusing on the specific red wine using 4 different grapes!

The wines of Clos Montblanc are listed on various famous restaurants with Michelin stars. They have wide range of capability to match with any foods including modern dishes, and traditional home cooking.

The skill of winemaking is based on using international varietals and local varietals without any distinction, for achieving high quality wines all the time.

Clos Montblanc named all the wines which are made by the blend of 4 different grape varietals as “Proyecto Cu4tro” – Cu4tro is Spanish for “Four”.

This red wine is the blend of Garnacha, Tempranillo, Monastrell (these 3 are originated in Spain), and Cabernet Sauvignon (originated in France), offering a perfect assemblage by sharing the border between the two countries.

Extremely silky on the palate, by the subtle integration of the 4 grape varietals. Fruity aromas of wild berry, cassis, and cranberry, along with spicy aromas of white pepper and cinnamon.

The wine is harmonized with the 4 different, distinctive variations including, the rich fruitiness of Garnacha, the smoothness of Tempranillo, the fullness of Monastrell, and the firm structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the earthy terroir of Catalunya.

Each grape varietal is grown separately due to the 4 different terroirs, followed by the fermentation and aging process uniquely for each varietal, and finally blended them together prior to the bottling.

Why don’t you try this specially made wine, sticking to the “Cu4tro” quality?


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