0 ( 0 Yen ) Free delivery for 10,000 yen or more (net of tax)

Shopping Guide



There are four payment methods available.

1. Credit Card

Install payment plans are available with selected VISA cards. Please check with your credit card company for the availability.

2. Cash on Delivery

Yamato Transport will collect your payment at your doorstep at the time of delivery.
Extra 324 yen ( 300 plus tax) will be charged for this service.

3. Bank Transfer

Please make bank transfer to the following account with remittance fee at your cost:
Account name:   Enoteca Co., Ltd.
Account type:      Ordinary Deposit (Futsuu Yokin)
Account number:              2715273
Bank:                   Mizuho Bank
Branch:               Kamiyacho Branch

4. Econtext Payment (CVS, Pay-easy, Net bank)

With Econtext payment, you can pay at CVS (Convenience Stores), traditional banks (ATM or on the internet), or internet only banks.
Once you place your order, you will receive an e-mail with payment instruction.
You can choose where to pay (CVS or a bank) AFTER your order. No payment fee is applicable and payment can be made 24 hours a day. It is much more convenient than traditional bank transfer. Once we confirm your payment, we will arrange the shipment of the items you ordered.


<Payment by Credit Card or Bank Transfer>

Receipt is issued on-line.
You will specify that you require a receipt at the time of your order, and a receipt is available at the order history page after your payment is settled.
Go to “My Page>Order History>Detail”, and click “receipt” button on order detail page. You can save or print your receipt.

On-line receipt can be shown only once.
If you don’t request a receipt at the time of your order, or if a receipt is issued already, no link page for a receipt will appear.
If the order is equal to or more than 50,000 yen (54,000 tax included), a receipt will be sent by a postal mail.

<Payment by Cash on Delivery service>

A delivery note which you receive from Yamato Transport will serve as a formal receipt.



Delivery charge

712 yen (660 plus tax) flat rate will be charged for the regular delivery service nationwide.
One delivery box can hold up to 9,000ml (750ml x 12) of wine, depending on the form of bottles, or other limiting factors.
For order of more than 10,000 yen (net of tax), delivery charge is free, but optional fee for refrigerated delivery (324 yen) or cash on delivery (324 yen) will be charged separately.


FREE Shipping

Shipping charge will be free on
1. An order totalling 10,000 yen (net of tax) or more. 
2. An order containing one or more wines marked as “Free Shipping wine”.
Optional fee for refrigerated delivery (324 yen) or cash on delivery (324 yen) will be charged separately.

If you cancel part of your order and the total amount falls below 10,000 yen, then delivery charge is payable.



Wines are packed and delivered in a strong thick cardboard box with Enoteca logo.
Up to 6 bottles:    Box for 6 bottles
Up to 12 bottles:  Box for 12 bottles
For wine of the size other than 750 ml, wines with original box, wine goods, foods, or other items with unique form, we will choose appropriate box and packing method.


Refrigerated Delivery service

From May 1 to Oct 31, wines are delivered in refrigerated truck with controlled temperature of around 3 degree Celsius. Additional fee of 216 yen is charged for the service.
Wines are vulnerable to the change in temperature. As soon as you receive the items, unpack the box and store the wines in dry and cool area.
For wine goods, books and some type of foods, use ordinary delivery.
Wines cannot be delivered and left in the delivery box unless it has a temperature control.
For other period of the year where refrigerated delivery is optional, we cannot accept return of goods for the quality issue due to the temperature fluctuation if you choose not to use refrigerated delivery.


Shipping Arrangement

<Shipping schedule>
Everyday shipping (excluding End of year/New year holiday season)
Orders received by 9:00am will be processed for the same day shipping.
Orders received thereafter will be processed for the following day shipping.

For certain area of Kagoshima, Okinawa (including Amami), Izu, Ogasawara, delivery may take three days or more.

Earliest time of delivery

Following Morning

following Day after 2 pm

Following Day after 6 pm

2 days from the shipping


Transport Company

We use Yamato as a main delivery company.



Order Cancellation or change

<Before shipping>
Depending on the status of the order, procedure will vary. Please call us during our office hour as soon as possible. Please have your order number handy.

<After shipping>
Please call us during our office hour as soon as possible. Please have your order number handy. If the reason of return is not an error of Enoteca Online, we might charge you a return shipping cost.


Return or change of items delivered

<Unopened bottle>

If you receive unordered or damaged item, please inform us within 7days from the date of delivery. We will replace the item. In the case if those items are out of stock, we will make a full refund. Shipping charge for the return is paid by us.
We will not accept cancellation, change, refund and return for the items after 7days from the date of delivery.

<Opened bottle>

Due to the characteristics of the product, we don’t offer replacement or refund unless the items are deteriorated in quality.


Security / Web ID

● Security (EV SSL)

Payment by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer>
Enoteca Online uses Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EV SSL) certificate issued by VeriSign. When you shop at Enoteca Online, make sure your browser’s address bar turns green at check out. (Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Firefox 3.0.0 or later, Safari 3.2 or later)

● Web ID

Anybody at legal drinking age can have a Web ID for free by registering your name, address, contact number, and other relevant information. This is your unique ID to make your shopping experience at Enoteca Online easy and enjoyable. Once you have a Web ID and log on to our site, you can use your stored information for your shipping address or you can check your order history. You can also mark your favourite items and keep them in your "My favourites". When you change your address or e-mail address, you can update your record on-line.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I change the payment method after placing an order?
We may be able to change it depending on the status of your order. Please contact us as soon as possible. If urgent, please contact us on the phone.
Can you send me a receipt after I receive wines?
If you have marked an option "receipt required" at the time of your order, please pick up your receipt online from your order history. For other cases, we can send you via postal mail. Please let us know your name, order number, the name to whom the receipt is addressed, and the remark to be put on the receipt.
Can I use my Club Enoteca point card?
Club Enoteca point card is used at Enoteca shops and Enoteca Online. For your online purchase, points will be accumulated on your Web ID. You can consolidate your online points with your Club Enoteca Point Card.
What is the benefit of Club Enoteca VISA Card?
With Club Enoteca VISA card, you will enjoy discounts on your purchase, with 5% for Classic membership and 10% for Gold membership. NB Discount is applied on the listed price. Discounts are not applicable to special priced items (Wine Set, Wine Cellar) with price shown in red. You have to use Club Enoteca Visa card for payment to enjoy membership discount. We have other offers such as discount for Case order, or Birthday discount.
Can I pay after the delivery?.
Is there any benefit for shopping at ENOTECA Online?
Apart from Cash on delivery, there is no payment option to pay after the delivery
How can I use Coupon code (keyword)?
If you have Coupon code (keyword), please put it in the coupon code field at the check-out. 1. Choose "use coupon" option. 2. Input coupon code in "coupon code" field. 3. Proceed to next page to check the discount amount. NB Coupon discount cannot be combined with other discounts such as Club Enoteca Visa membership discounts.
What is the difference between prices shown in black and those shown in red?
Prices shown in black are listed prices. Club Enoteca Visa discounts and Coupon discounts are applied on these prices. Prices in red are the special prices, and hence further discounts are not applicable.


Can I change the delivery date and/or time?

We will arrange for the change. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Please contact your nearest Yamato Transport office. You will find your reference number in our confirmation e-mail.
Can you split my order and deliver them to multiple destinations?
We are not able to split an order and send items to multiple destinations. If you need to send wines to more than 2 places, please order them separately.
I want to send wines as a gift, and I do not want you to include delivery notes or statements that show prices on it.
When you proceed to check out, there is a section where you put your recipient's address. In the same page, you have an option to accompany your gift with a statement. If you don't choose that option, the statement will not be sent to the recipient.
Can I pick up wines at an ENOTECA retail wine shop?
Wines you purchased at ENOTECA online can not be picked up at ENOTECA retail shops. Wines can only be delivered to the address you specified.

Will you wrap a gift?
We have following gift wrapping options. You can choose your options during check out. 1. Gift Box (with extra charge), 2. Ribbon (free), 3. Noshi (free), 4. Message Card (free), 5. Paper bags (free) We also have gift box set which includes giftbox and shipping charge in its price.


I can not login.

Login ID and Password are case sensitive, and it recognises blank space as well.
<Please check>
Whether [Caps Lock] is on or not. If [Caps Lock] is on, all letter become uppercase. Please release [Caps Lock] by pressing [Shift] and [Caps Lock] at the same time.
Did you, unknowingly, hit space key after you finish entering your password. The system recognizes a space as a single letter. Please backspace the spaces you entered.


I forgot my password.
You can request your password at the link page here. Once we receive your request, we will send your password. here>>
I cannot add items into the shopping cart.

Please check your PC setting. The system requirement for our shopping site is as follows. If you cannot solve the problem, please contact us. Recommended browser Windows: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Fire Fox 3 or later, Safari 3 or later. MacOS : Safari 3 or later, Fire Fox 3 or later Also, please enable the following setting in your PC Java Script, Cookie, Style Sheet and SSL

<System Requirment>
Recommended browser
Windows : Internet Explorer6.0, Fire Fox1.5 or after
MacOS : Safari, Fire Fox1.5 or after
Also, please enable the follwing setting inyour PC
Java Script, Cookie,
Style Sheet and SSL


Do you sell wooden wine boxes?

We don't sell wooden wine boxes on Enoteca Online, but some of our shops do sell them. Price, availability, and selling conditions vary from shop to shop, or vary across the period. Please contact Enoteca Shop nearby.


● Enoteca Co. Ltd.

5-15-27 Minami-azabu , Minato-ku , Tokyo 106-0047
Delivery charge 660 yen (726 yen tax included)
Optional charge
Refrigerated Delivery 300 yen (330 yen tax included)
Cash on delivery 300 yen (330 yen tax included)
Order cut-off time: 9:00am
Orders received before 9 am will be processed for the same day shipping. (Actual delivery date may vary depending on the destination)